Training and Supervision opportunities for Speech and Language Therapists

Training feedback

“I am going to speak to my line manager and recommend that all of the therapists in our team attend your courses. They are superb value, and I believe we should all skill ourselves up in this area. Thank you for running them.”

“Thank you so much for providing this fantastic series of training sessions!”

Supervision feedback

“The 1:1 clinical supervision sessions and training have truly been ‘life changing’ for me. At 46 for the first time in my life I feel like a great therapist, with sound theoretical knowledge (which is continually being built on with reflection on your courses and discussions I have had with you), I have always had a good therapeutic relationship with my clients and families but now I have confidence, a real belief in myself and I finally feel that I really make a difference by empowering others.”

“Utterly brilliant to have the session today, thank you – I found it instantly applicable to clients. It is incredibly helpful just hearing you talk and phrase things because there is a depth and confidence borne from all your experience. Thank you!”

Please see below for our 2021/2022 timetables and course flyers. All training is delivered online and is suitable for Speech and Language Therapists and final year SLT students.

If you would like more information about any of our courses or to book, please contact Steph at We also offer bespoke training to whole teams as well as individual and group clinical supervision. Please note – as an NHS Trust, our training is primarily aimed at NHS SLTs and is heavily discounted. Independent SLTs are welcome to attend but will be charged at a different rate, comparable with other similar training.

Airedale stammering course timetable 2022

Flyer - Introduction to working with young children who stammer


Flyer - Direct Approaches

Flyer - working with parents and teachers