Journey’s End

Summertime, but the work goes on here at the project.  Five months in, Project Manager Jody and I have definitely settled into the swing of things. All of our technical issues have been ironed out, our admin systems are working, and we’re focusing on the important task of helping people to live the lives they want to live. We’ve now got thirty-six people signed up,  with participants at all stages of therapy. A couple of people have dropped out, which we expected, but it’s frustrating that we don’t always find out why.  Was it not the right time for them? Was it not what they expected? Could we have done things differently?

Most of our first cohort are coming to the end of their therapy journey with us, although hopefully that doesn’t mean that their learning stops.  The main aim of therapy for stammering is to help people to equip themselves with the tools and strategies to manage their stammer on an ongoing basis and feel comfortable about it long-term; effectively, to become their own therapist. Supportive friends, family and colleagues can all help to play a part in this.

Magical mystery tour

I wish them all well with wherever life takes them next, and it’s great that they’ve got what they wanted out of therapy, but I’ll miss them. Therapists are given a privileged window into people’s lives for a while and travel with them on a magical mystery tour of discovery,  learning and change. There’s definitely a sense of loss for me once my part in their journey is at an end. Hopefully they’ll keep in touch!


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