Scale It Up

A few weeks ago I attended a workshop run by Haelo, in partnership with the Health Foundation, which focused on ‘Scale Up and Spread Improvement’ for some of the Health Foundation funded projects.

This was an excellent opportunity to meet with the other projects in our round of Health Foundation funding to see how they are getting on and share any learnings we have made in our projects so far.

The speaker for the day was a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic Brendon Bennett. Brendon is an Improvement Advisor who started his career as a volunteer with the US Peace Corps in Uganda. He has since worked with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and as a consultant in Improvement Science across a wide range of countries and various sectors.

I was really impressed with the insight and experience Brendon brought to the day. His enthusiasm was almost tangible and quite infectious. The day itself was great, speaking to other groups about how their projects were going and any hurdles they had faced was useful and brought home just how successful the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust project really is. We seem to be on track and seeing results for our participants already and this is great.

The academy showed me a few things that I need to work on for the project though. Sometimes, it’s so easy to get immersed in the day-to-day running of a project that you forget about the analysis or the measurement required – WE may know that the project is great but we need to be able to show external audiences how great it is!

So on that note, I am now busy beavering away on our Change Package, Measurement Tree and Driver Diagrams…wish me luck!


Driver Diagram


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