Telemedicine Stammering Project Takes to the Airwaves


“Stammering…It’s not bad; it’s not wrong; it’s just different.”

Our Speech and Language therapist, Steph Burgess, was on Radio Leeds on Friday 14th July talking about our Telemedicine Stammering Project.


You can Click Here to listen (1.46.50).

In the interview Steph discusses the Stammering Therapy project; Airedale NHS

“Stammering is just a different way of talking.”

Foundation Trust’s Telemedicine reputation and a bit of background into why Steph wanted to carry out the Stammering Therapy Project.

She also discusses a little about the negative impact stammering can have on a person’s life and the science behind stammering.

It’s great that the subject can get the attention of the local media and hopefully reach a wide audience. For Steph to be invited onto the  radio shows how important the project really is!

“What we try to do in therapy is to build people’s confidence. To make them realise that you can stammer and say what you want to say.”

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