Reflections from a fellow therapist


Hi, I’m Moira, and I’m Speech and Language Therapist in a supporting role for the Airedale telemedicine pilot. Steph invited me to sit in on some sessions recently. Firstly my thanks to Steph and her clients for letting me sit in, and now here are some my reflections of the day.

Seeing clients on their own turf made for a more relaxed and less formal session, and allowed a window into their everyday lives.  Our first client logged in from work and was very soon telling us about her talking challenges there, and her hopes and dreams for her future career. She and Steph could work with what mattered in the here and now. There was a great sense of immediacy and relevance in the session. I was also impressed with this lady’s openness and ability to reflect on her skills and progress after just a handful of sessions.

Another client logged in from his car. Again, in his own space, he could talk about his talking at home, work and hopes for the future. The discussions that followed seemed better aligned to the client’s everyday life. This gentleman seemed curious about and to take comfort from hearing about others’ experiences of stammering.

What surprised me about the Telemedicine day were the many advantages of seeing people in their own environment, both for the client and the therapist. What might have been regarded as a compromise to get around geography and other issues might well come into its own!

Otherwise, but still important, a message to any tentative clients out there, it was a very positive and at many times, a fun day. Yes, sessions can occasionally be challenging, but there is laughter in-between.


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