“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Jack Canfield


It’s proving to be a great week for the project!

One of the best moments of the project so far has been watching a video of one of our participants give a wonderfully moving speech at her local Toastmasters club. Laura got great feedback from her audience and was awarded best speaker. She has kindly agreed to share the video, so you can watch it here. It’s a great example of the rewards that come from being brave.Taking a leap

From a personal point of view, I am delighted that we have found a better platform to deliver the sessions – appear.in.  It’s free to use, the video and sound quality are excellent with no lagging, and it’s really easy to use. There’s no software or apps to be installed, and no wrestling with the audio and video functions – you just share a link and it works straight away! And importantly for us as an NHS Trust, it’s secure and encrypted, with no data being stored on their server. Thank goodness I can now focus on the therapy and not waste the first ten minutes of every session trying to sort out the technology!

When we first proposed this project, we said we would aim to see between forty and sixty participants over the course of the year, but we were slightly concerned that we would not be able to get that many referrals. We needn’t have worried – less than three months in, we are already up to thirty-two, with four new referrals in the last two days! One of the things our wonderful project manager, Jody, is working hard on at the moment is looking into how we can continue this service after the life of the project, as there is clearly a demand. Watch this space….



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