Argh….help please!

So the project has been live for over 2 months now. We have 15 current clients who are actively undertaking therapy and another 6 who are at the beginning of the referral process.

This is fantastic as we had an initial aim of 40-60 clients throughout the whole year of the project so we’re nearly half way there, only 2 months in…

The client feedback we have had has been great, everybody seems to really benefit from the therapy and appreciate being able to access it in areas where there has been previously been no therapy provision for adults who stammer.

The one issue we do seem to be having time and time again is the technology. We are using a web-based platform called WebEx. This seems to be fantastic for B2B users. It is an industry leader in online conferencing but it doesn’t seem to have the stability or reliability for our usage.

We often find that either the video or the audio, or sometimes both, stops working. This can be despite having good internet connection, and even if the users have previously had no problems and the settings are the same.

We had some quick testing of another web-based platform ( last week and this did seem to be a lot easier to use and didn’t seem to have any of the stability issues from our limited testing.

We now need to speak to our Information Security department to ensure it meets the NHS’s strict security guidelines.

So, my question for you all is; have you got any recommendations of a system/platform/website we can conduct our therapy over? It needs to be free, easily accessible and secure, offering both video and audio capabilities.

I’m hoping we can get some good ideas of things to try to ensure we’re getting the very best out of this project.




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